Holborn - Latest news and reviews

TfL sells off offices above Holborn tube station

TfL has sold the offices and shops above its Holborn tube station for a reported £40 million to an investment company.

Inside the Church of St Anselm and St Cæcilia

This century old church in Holborn is a reminder of anti-catholic protests and a street widening programme to sweep away slumps.

London’s Alleys: Warwick Court, WC1

This alley with a mix of modern and old buildings is a legacy of an impressive house and impressive bombing raids during WW2.

London Underground one step closer to Holborn tube station upgrade

A consultation held to show off plans to substantially upgrade Holborn tube station has found, unsurprisingly, widespread support for the plans.

Major upgrade planned for Holborn tube station

The hugely overcrowded Holborn tube station is set for a major upgrade, to ease congestion, especially for people who use it to swap between the Central and Piccadilly lines.

Holborn Tests Standing on Both Sides of the Escalator

News abounds that London Underground is encouraging people to stand on both sides of the escalator.

Holborn tube station’s unexpected gift to particle physics research

The hunt for an elusive particle critical to physics once saw Holborn tube station used for a revolutionary science experiment.

Novelty Automation comes to London

A small shop on a small side street now contains a small collection of sea-side style mechanical entertainments.

1928 — A massive gas explosion rips along Holborn

It's 8 o'clock in the morning, and workers are hurrying along Holborn to their offices and shops, when a mighty explosion ripped up the road.

80th anniversary of the closure of the British Museum tube station

On this morning 80 years ago, just after midnight, a tube station closed its doors for the very last time, and a few hours later, two new platforms came into use at another station just a couple of hundred yards away.

The Newgate Execution Bell – now in a Holborn Church

A large church stands on the corner opposite the Old Bailey and I have passed its locked gates for rather more years than I care to remember, for church that is open for a few hours each day during the week - has never been open when I am passing.

Photos from inside the abandoned Kingsway Tram Tunnels

An abandoned tunnel under Holborn that has been closed for 60 years is to come back to life over the next couple of years as it is to be taken over by Crossrail as a suitable location for some of their hidden enabling works.

It’s the 250th anniversary of the Cock Lane ghost

At some point in a January 250 years ago, in a rented apartment near Holborn, the ghost of a recently dead wife appeared to warn that she had been murdered by her husband. The Cock Lane ghost was to become

Photos of the Church of St. Alban the Martyr in Holborn

Wandering around London I tend to keep my eyes either watching the ground for any curious manhole covers or the like – or looking around the tops to see what might catch my attention. Sometimes, one of those things is

Subways and tunnels under the City of London

I mentioned the other day that I recently acquired a copy of a City of London report into possible rebuilding plans for the City following the end of World War 2 and that it contains a lot of maps of