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Fantasy Architecture — An Aircraft Carrier for London?

Pssst, want a second-hand aircraft carrier? Got one going cheap, only a few million miles on the clock. Go on, would look lovely next to the mantelpiece.

Public Tours of HMS Illustrious Next Weekend

Next week marks a significant military anniversary, and lots of military things will be happening along the Thames as a result. And details have finally been confirmed -- including public tours of HMS Illustrious.

On board Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior

A rather unique opportunity presents itself this weekend, and that is the chance to visit one of the more famous ships in the world – Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior. No, not the one the French sank, the other one. The ship

Get a tour on the latest Royal Navy warship

If you are envious of the recent tour of HMS Illustrious I wrote about, you might be interested to learn that it has just been announced that, as part of a weekend of Navy events,  tours of HMS Daring will

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 2

The second report on my tour of HMS Illustrious, this time with more words and fewer pictures. I was joined by four other fellow London Bloggers, and after meeting up and trying to watch the helicopter demonstration that was happening

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 1

Thanks to an awesome invitation from the Royal Navy, I had the pleasure of of an hour on board HMS Illustrious this afternoon. I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow as I am quite tired this evening – but if you

Helicopter flypast over London

Wandered down towards Greenwich at lunchtime to watch the flyover of 20 helicopters over HMS Illustrious as part of the week’s celebrations. I actually stayed on the north side by Island Gardens as I hoped to get shots of helicopters

Fireworks over HMS Illustrious tonight

After seeing photos of HMS Illustrious at Greenwich once before with fireworks, on a whim I just checked the PLA website, and they have a navigation warning that advises that there will be fireworks tonight (Thur 7th May). The barge

A couple of photos of Lusty

I took loads of photos of the aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious (Lusty) passing through the Thames Barrier, on her way down to Greenwich, but here is a quick couple that looked “not bad” on quick glance. I’ll fiddle with the

HMS Illustrious @ Greenwich – May 2009 Events

As part of the Fly 100 events to commemorate the Royal Navy’s first “airship”, the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious will be in Greenwich from tomorrow (Wed 6th) lunchtime. For photo opportunity fans: The timetable is Gravesend at 9am and Greenwich

HMS Illustrious to visit London

A few months ago it was announced to those who track such things, that the aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious would be spending a week in London in May as part of the 100th anniversary of the Navy’s air division. They