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Find the Highgate Camel

Sitting outside an oriental carpet shop in Highgate is a camel. Sami, for that’s the camel’s name is a life-size fibreglass camel who has sat outside the shop for the past 35 years, and is a bit of a local landmark.

The mystery of Dick Whittington’s stone in Highgate

Up on Highgate Hill can be found an old stone, Dick Whittington’s stone, surrounded by an old fence, with a cat sitting on top.

Photos from the abandoned Highgate station

Barely noticed by the people who use it, sitting directly above Highgate tube station is an entire abandoned railway station, now slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Exhibition on Radio and Mobile Communications in London this weekend

The telecommunications mast at the corner of Swain’s Lane and Bisham Gardens is a familiar landmark in Highgate, and can be seen from across London. It has a a history of more than 70 years, playing innovative roles in early