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US President’s helicopters flying over central London today (31st May)

Look to the skies, if you're in the right place, as eight helicopters are expected to fly in formation over central London at lunchtime.

30th anniversary of London’s Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance is marking its 30th birthday today, having launched its services on the 9th January 1989.

Large helicopter formation over London

Look to the skies today (19th April 2016) as a large helicopter formation is expected over London this afternoon.

Unbuilt London: The 500 foot high Skyport One heliport

In the early days of the motorcar, architects were already looking to what would replace it as the popular transport of the upper classes, and obviously, private helicopters were to be the transport of choice.

Unbuilt London: How Charing Cross nearly became a giant helipad

Imagine if you will, a giant flat surface larger than Trafalgar Square overhanging the River Thames -- this was the proposed central London Helidrome.

Opportunity to Abseil down the side of a Hospital

A quick note if you are to sort to do these sorts of things, but there is a chance to abseil down the side of the new 17-story high Royal London Hospital building in Whitechapel later this month.

Photos – Helicopters flying through Tower Bridge

A large number of people enjoying the evening sunshine, and a modest number of those in the know were treated to the rare sight of a couple of helicopters flying through Tower Bridge last night. Two helicopters – one filming,

Helicopter to fly through Tower Bridge

One of those routine Port of London Authority notices that makes you sigh, open to see what it is then sit up and type WHAT is very loud letters. Such moments are why I subscribe to them – for those

The year that you could catch a Helicopter from Waterloo Station

In the days before the Piccadilly Line reached Heathrow Airport how would a person of means in Central London get to the airport if they didn’t want to use the roads? Why, they could fly of course – and from just

Helicopter flypast over London

Wandered down towards Greenwich at lunchtime to watch the flyover of 20 helicopters over HMS Illustrious as part of the week’s celebrations. I actually stayed on the north side by Island Gardens as I hoped to get shots of helicopters