Heathrow Express - Latest news, articles and photos

Heathrow Express - Latest news, articles and photos

Unbuilt London: Heathrow’s rail links to central London

Although Heathrow Airport has a couple of railway links to central London, they weren’t necessarily the ones that we could have ended up with.

Heathrow Junction – London’s short-lived railway station

In our modern age, it’s almost impossible to believe that a railway station could open in London, and close just six months later, but that is what happened, in January 1998.

Elizabeth line gets an extension to Heathrow Terminal 5

The future Elizabeth line, which was already due to call at Heathrow Airport’s Terminals 2 and 4 from next May, is to add Terminal 5 to the list, but not until December 2019.

Book tours of the Heathrow Express Depot

Next month is a chance to have a look around both the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse, and the Heathrow Express train depot on the same day.

Unused station platforms could be opened for Heathrow rail link

Two unused platforms at an underground station could come into use, if a proposed new rail link to Heathrow Airport is approved.

Photos from Crossrail’s huge Stockley flyover

While much of the Crossrail works are understandably focused on the tunnels under London, there are some significant upgrades being carried out on existing railways as well — such as the Stockley Flyover in west London.

Passengers evacuated from Heathrow Express train

Early this morning, some 50 people were evacuated from a Heathrow Express train that had broken down and got stuck in the tunnel near the airport. It was in fact a practice trial to test safety procedures, and the passengers