Heathrow Airport - Latest news, articles and photos

Heathrow Airport - Latest news, articles and photos

Heathrow rail extension pushed back by several years

Plans to build a western rail link to Heathrow Airport have been delayed by several years due to the current financial situation.

Tickets Alert: Dinner and special tours of a Jumbo Jet

This coming Saturday (12th Dec), there will be a rather strange dining event – dinner on a Jumbo Jet.

MPs debate improving southern rail links to Heathrow Airport

A recent parliamentary debate on improving rail links to Heathrow Airport has agreed that such a rail link is a very good idea, but that it will need a lot more work to bring into existence.

Crossrail trains cleared to use the Heathrow tunnel

Last month, a significant achievement took place on the Crossrail project, which is far more important than the headlines make it seem to be.

Heathrow rail link funding uncertain

A planned rail link from Heathrow heading out towards Reading and beyond has an uncertain future due to a funding dispute.

Take a trip in a vintage tube train to Heathrow airport

The London Underground’s 1938 era art-deco tube train will be making one of its occasional outings in April.

New rail link to Heathrow faces delays

Plans for a new southern rail link to Heathrow Airport are facing delays and might not come into operation until 2030.

Bidders invited for new railway tunnel to Heathrow

Network Rail is to host a meeting for construction firms interested in a £900 million contract to build a new railway tunnel to Heathrow Airport.

50 years ago – planes start flying between Heathrow and Gatwick

Two large important airports, but passengers landing at one might want to catch a flight at the other — so how about a plane flight between the two?

There’s a 155 million year old dinosaur inside Heathrow Airport

If you go down to Heathrow today, you’re sure of a big surprise — because there’s a 13 metre long dinosaur in a Terminal building.

New Heathrow airport rail link gets public support

A consultation on a new rail link from the West into Heathrow airport has, unsurprisingly, gained support from the respondents.

A new exhibition about Heathrow Airport’s history opens

From early days with tents for terminal buildings, through to a glimpse at a possible future, a new display has opened, showing off a concise history of Heathrow Airport.

New rail link to Heathrow from Reading consultation opens

A third and possibly final consultation is opening on plans to build a new rail link that will allow direct connections between Reading and Heathrow Airport.

Unbuilt London: Heathrow’s rail links to central London

Although Heathrow Airport has a couple of railway links to central London, they weren’t necessarily the ones that we could have ended up with.

Heathrow Junction – London’s short-lived railway station

In our modern age, it’s almost impossible to believe that a railway station could open in London, and close just six months later, but that is what happened, in January 1998.

Photos from the construction of the Piccadilly line extension

We recently marked the 40th anniversary of the Piccadilly line extension to Heathrow Airport, so here are some photos of its construction.

40 years of Flying the Tube to Heathrow Airport

Forty years ago, a world first occurred, as the first ever underground rail link between an airport and a city opened — and it was in London.

Play with a real Boeing 737 flight simulator this weekend

A bit of a publicity thing, but there’s a chance to fly a full scale Boeing 737 flight simulator this weekend – for free.