Hackney - Latest news and reviews

London’s Pocket Parks: Fairchild’s Garden, E2

There can be few greater delights than a wander through a wood on a cold winters day, and sadly, few more dispiriting than a visit to a municipal park on the same day.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes tours of the Hackney Empire

This coming Friday (28th Sept) there's a chance to go behind the curtain at the Hackney Empire for a behind the scenes look at the recent changes to the famous entertainment venue.

London’s Alley’s – Cotton’s Gardens, E2

This probably shouldn't be in the list, as it's a bit too wide for an alley, but it has a former alley at the end, and a very nice bit of heritage in the road.

Crossrail 2 could lose both its Chelsea and Hackney Stations

TfL has launched a second consultation about the planned route for Crossrail 2 which could see the two locations most closely associated with it losing their stations.

The restoration of Clissold House in Hackney

The heart of Hackney boasts a rather large front garden in the form of Clissold Park, which was formed as the front garden for the imposing Clissold House. Built in the 1790s for the Quaker merchant and anti-slavery campaigner, Jonathan