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Gun Salutes in London during 2020

Ceremonial military guns will go bang bang several times in London during 2020, at the Tower of London and in the Royal Parks.

Gun Salutes in London during 2015

A list of the gun salutes that take place around London during significant events in 2015.

Gun Salutes in Hyde Park and at the Tower of London today

As today marks — depending on how you look at it — the 60th anniversary of the death of the Last Emperor of India, or the Accession to the Throne of Queen Elizabeth II, there will be ceremonial gun salutes

List of Gun Salutes at the Tower of London this year

For the list of 2019 gun salutes, go here. Something for your diaries – the list of Gun Salutes that will take place at the Tower of London has been released. Due to the tight space they operate in, if

Why didn’t The Pope get a formal gun salute?

Sometimes being told something will happen makes you suddenly realise that the same event didn’t take place at some other time. For example, I just received a notice from the Port of London Authority that there will be a gun