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London gets a new museum – of police history

A new museum has opened in the City of London that tells the long often curious history of their own private police force.

Vintage Royal Mail horse-drawn coach in London

Next Saturday, there will be a replica horse-drawn mail coach running between Southwark's George Inn to Guildhall Yard in the centre of the City.

Extraordinary photos of WW1 battle fields

A series of almost too beautiful photos that show the long aftermath of war have gone on display in the Guildhall Yard in the City of London.

Watch a 3D video projection at Guildhall

A voice reading out Shakespearean quotations while a modern video projection plays on a medieval building that Shakespeare would have known -- a perfect London event.

See a 3D video projection at The Guildhall

Something for your diaries, as next March, there will be another chance to see an impressive video display projected onto the medieval Guildhall building in the City of London.

Henry V’s ‘Crystal Sceptre’ on display for the first time

For nearly 600 years it has sat in a box in a vault, taken out just once a year for a ceremony and then put away, but finally, Henry V’s Crystal Sceptre has gone on public display.

Attend the Silent Ceremony

Each year, in a ceremony as rich in pomp as it is ancient in history, and in total silence, the new Lord Mayor is sworn into office.

Gladiatorial fights return to London

Over the next few days, sweat and blood, groans and cheers, broken bones and damaged egos return to the roman amphitheater in the City of London.

Guildhall Art Gallery focuses on Victorian paintings

The City of London's Guildhall art gallery is simultaneously one of the oldest, and also one of the youngest art galleries in London, and has recently had a bit of a refurbishment.

From Beef Tea to Battleships

The Guildhall Library in the city has put on a small display based on the personal letters and experiences of those who served during World War One.

City of London opens a new Heritage Gallery

Just as London's Guildhall loses one small museum, it gains another small gallery. A heritage gallery that will show off a few key objects from the City of London's archive.

Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt, Guildhall Library!

If you head over to the City of London's library next to the Guildhall, there you will find a small display detailing some of the history of one of the City's livery guilds - which sports the motto: Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt.

A look around St Lawrence Jewry

Sitting on the edge of the large open yard at Guildhall sits somewhat uncomfortably in the space, the church of St Lawrence Jewry Near Guildhall. There has been a church on the site though since the 12th century, long before

A London history festival that’s worth looking forward to

The City of London has outlined the details for a weekend of heritage based events around the Square Mile that is looking like a rather good mini Open House Weekend. Technically, it’s a four day event — running from the

Pearly Kings and Queens on Parade

People passing the City of London’s Guildhall on Sunday will have seen the place packed full of people, along with a fairground organ, various sad looking donkeys, a couple less depressed Shire Horses, lots of people in fancy red robes

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