Guildhall Library - Latest news and reviews

Sir Thomas Gresham: Tudor, Trader, Shipper, Spy

A man who can serve four Tudor monarchs without losing his head, while becoming fantastically rich at the same time is bound to be an enigmatic figure.

New exhibition shows off the golden age of sea travel

A tantalizing preview of a huge collection of ocean liner documents has gone on display in the Guildhall Library in the City of London.

Exhibition – 450th anniversary of the Tylers and Bricklayers

This year marks the 450th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I granted a monopoly to the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers to control the market in London.

Under the Microscope – science as art

A notable scientist has been remembered in an exhibition that is half artwork and half science display.

A library hosts an exhibition about Stationers

For around 500 years, a worshipful company controlled the printing industry within the City of London, and an exhibition has opened showing off some of their heritage.

Feeding London: our Forgotten Market Gardens

An exhibition at the Guildhall Library is currently highlighting a moderately short-lived period of London's history, the history of commercial market gardening.

Glass and tapestry from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers

If you have a collection of glass cases to put objects in, then it makes sense if those objects are occasionally supplied by glass workers.

Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt, Guildhall Library!

If you head over to the City of London's library next to the Guildhall, there you will find a small display detailing some of the history of one of the City's livery guilds - which sports the motto: Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt.