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Watch Gresham College lectures from home

London’s ancient provider of free lectures and talks, Gresham College has adapted to the lockdown and is keeping up the schedule, with online video lectures.

London’s Alleys: Barnard’s Inn, EC1

Through a small gap in the line of shops and offices of Holborn can be found a medieval enclave of learning.

Sir Thomas Gresham: Tudor, Trader, Shipper, Spy

A man who can serve four Tudor monarchs without losing his head, while becoming fantastically rich at the same time is bound to be an enigmatic figure.

The Lord Mayor’s Annual Gresham Lecture

A few years ago a new tradition was born, and the details of this year’s now-annual Lord Mayor’s Gresham Lecture have been announced.

The History of the Oxford English Dictionary

I recently popped along to the Gresham College in Holborn for one of their free lunchtime lectures, and I learnt two things. Firstly, that they have an overflow basement for when the main hall is full – and that the