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The British Empire and animal collecting

A new exhibition at the Grant Museum takes a look at how the attitudes of the British Empire affected the collections of natural wildlife that were brought back to the UK.

Animal fats and testicles turned into art

A print of a cow’s rectum. some glowing sheep’s testicles, pig’s fat as lamps, a levitating cow stomach, all mark an exhibition of art made from often discarded animal parts.

See ordinary animals as never seen before

There’s a display of ordinary animals, mundane animals, commonplace animals, and you’ll want to visit to see them, for they are in an unusual home.

See London attacked by a radio-active dinosaur!

Next Wednesday is a chance to watch a radio-active dinosaur terrorise the English coast and head up the Thames to rampage through London.

Skullpture at the Grant Museum

The Grant Museum of Zoology in central London has invited UCL art students to create works based on the museum’s exhibits, and they have now gone on display.

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

Mark a date in your diaries for one of the greatest movies ever made will make a rare return to the big screen next month.

New art on display inside old museums

Two of the UCL museums in central London have both launched art exhibitions where the art is scattered amongst their more formal exhibits.

Charles Darwin’s head to be eaten by a colony of ants

A series of sculptures created using robotics, live insects and crochet are being put on display in a new exhibition based around Charles Darwin’s face.

Wrapping paper for science geeks

I don’t buy presents very often, but am the sort of person who tends to give almost as much effort into getting the most appropriate wrapping paper and gift card as I do to the present itself.

Dare you enter the Micrarium?

A small room inside a small museum has been given over to the small displays of the small of the animal kingdom. A glowing cupboard surrounded on three sides by bugs, beetles. beasties and bacillus.

Grant Museum to start opening at weekends

One of London’s rather better smaller museums is about to fix it one major failing – its slightly inconvenient opening hours. From this weekend in fact, the recently refurbished collections of animals in jars and bones on shelves at the

Free Showing of War of the Worlds (1953) on the big screen

Ask Hollywood to turn an English novel into a movie, and the first thing they’ll do is move the setting to the USA and make sure the heroes are Americans. That said, considered to be one of the great science

Have you been to the new Grant Museum yet?

If not, then tomorrow night (Tues 24th May) is as good an opportunity as any as they are hosting one of their more “light hearted” lectures which will unveil what it is like for a conservationist to go trekking through

Last chance to visit London’s Grant Museum before it closes

Tomorrow (Wed 30th June) marks the final day for the Grant Museum in its ancestral home before it closes down. The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoological museum in London. It houses around 62,000 specimens, covering the whole

Science and media disconnect? Maybe not, says a new study

An interesting report has wafted my way on the topic of science and interacting with the general public, although the report was actually more about scientists talking to journalists who then write stuff that the general public read. It was

Cloning an Ice-Age Mammoth

On Thursday evening I wandered along to the Grant Museum for the last of their current series of lectures themed around Dinosaurs. The topic was very “Jurassic Park”, being on cloning dead animals – although to keep it scientifically realistic

Lecture tonight

Off to do some brain exercising tonight – and will be attending a lecture at the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy on how nature affected how manmade materials and structures were designed. I like this sort of thing,