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Tickets Alert: Tours of the Goldsmiths’ Hall

One of the grandest of the City's livery halls, the Goldsmiths is open a few days a year for public tours and the dates for... next year have been announced.

A sumptuous display of Gold metalwork at Goldsmiths Hall

Gold – a metal that goes beyond mere physical characteristics to have embedded itself in human imaginations in a way that probably no other metal could, and a new exhibition about this rare metal seeks to appeal to both the

A London history festival that’s worth looking forward to

The City of London has outlined the details for a weekend of heritage based events around the Square Mile that is looking like a rather good mini Open House Weekend. Technically, it’s a four day event — running from the

The 728th Trial of the Pyx

Every single year, without exception, since The Year of Our Lord, 1282 – a legal trial has taken place to check the quality of the coinage of the realm. Today – the second Tuesday in February – for the 728th

A Ripping Yarn of Silver and Salt

On what is now a fairly narrow side street in London lurks Goldsmith’s Hall, which belongs to one of London’s Livery Companies and is one of the city’s Great Halls. Not normally open to the public, the building does host

The Trial of the Pyx

Earlier today, I had the huge pleasure of attending the Trial of the Pyx in the sumptuous surroundings of the Goldsmith Hall just by St Paul’s Cathedral. The trial occurs on the second Tuesday in February every single year –