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Queen Caroline’s Bath in Greenwich

Rather too well hidden behind a dense hedge can be found the remains of a Georgian bath that was used by the estranged wife of King George IV, Queen Caroline.

See a Georgian Miscellany of Medicine

A dead cock fed on peppercorns, equal quantities of opium, saltpetre and liquorice, a tincture of mercury -- are recommended treatments of Georgian London, and on display at the moment.

The Georgian Dining Academy

A fairly rare chance to dine, for a price, at Simpson's Tavern in the evening hours.

Rare opening of a derelict Georgian house

A note for your diaries, as next month there will be a rare opportunity to explore a tiny jewel of secret London, a 1719 Huguenot merchant's house

A crumbling Georgian House in Spitalfields

Just off the crowded bustle of London’s Brick Lane is a small side street which conceals a historical marvel – a crumbling, derelict building within which lurks the unrestored remnants of one of London’s oldest synagogues. The building, at 19