Forest Hill - Latest news and reviews

Admire the magnificent Dawson Heights

One of the architectural landmarks of South London is a wide ziggurat block of flats -- Dawson Heights.

A gothic house made from concrete

Opposite a gothic looking church is a gothic looking house -- made from concrete.

Horniman Museum shows off expansion plans

Nearly 20 years ago, the Horniman Museum in South London expanded, and now they need to do so again.

Advent Calendar – Day 6

The annual tradition of posting a different vintage image each day during advent, and this year, it's of London's old railway stations.

Pay a visit to South London’s famous stuffed Walrus

If you inherit a company from your dad, and build it up to become the world’s largest tea trading business, you might be inclined to start collecting things as you travel around. Such a person was Frederick John Horniman who

An Ivy Clad Phone Box

Sitting on the corner of Sydenham Hill road in Forest Hill is the rather sad, yet oddly romantic sight of an early Telephone Box being slowly consumed by ivy leaf. The phone within has evidently long ceased to function, and

Croydon’s Experimental Atmospheric Railway

Long term readers may recall my on/off researches into a tube railway that would have linked Waterloo Station to Whitehall, that would have been powered by air-pressure “blowing” carriages down the tube. That was just one version of so-called atmospheric