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Flickr’s use of the NoFollow tag in weblinks

<web geek mode activated> Some years ago, Google introduced the rel=”nofollow” tag that can be added the links on websites.  The idea being that websites with user submitted content could mark any submitted links as being untrusted so while Google’s

Flickr Spam

I use Flickr to host my photos as it is a convenient repository and has some nice, but generally subtle community aspects to the website. However, there is a dark side to the website – and that is the groups.

London photography competition

I have just received the periodic email from Somerset House, which lists the things they have on each month and they are featuring an exhibition of photos of London taken by one Richard Bryant, a noted photographer. Apart from the

Scavenger Hunting @ the Acton Depot

Yesterday was one of the periodic opening at the Acton Depot, which holds tons of kit that can’t be fitted into the Transport Museum’s Covent Garden venue.  This weekend was themed around miniatures, so the place was also manned by

London Transport Museum’s Open Weekend

Just a tip – if heading over to the periodic open weekend at the Acton Depot this weekend, you would be strongly advised to try and get tickets from the Covent Garden museum before heading over to Acton as the


Earlier today, a quite remarkable milestone was passed as the 100,000th person looked at my Flickr collection of photos of an “Abandoned London” taken on Christmas morning – which is quite staggering. When I got up on Christmas morning, I

Flickr and Orwell’s 1984

Chatting on another website about the clunky brand name given to the “International Day Against Homophobia”, which does not trip off the tongue that easily – and its hideous abbreviation, IDAHO. Anyhow, I was reminded of the George Orwell novel