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London’s Alleys: Johnson’s Court, EC4

Long before Dr Johnson arrived, there was a Johnson’s Court – a long alley that sliced between long deep buildings fronting onto Fleet Street.

London’s Alleys: Cliffords Inn Passage, EC4

This is one of the oldest surviving alleys in London, emerging around Tudor times when the area along Chancery Lane was first starting to be developed from fields.

London’s Alleys: Hare Place, EC4

What looks like a short gap under some shops is an alley that used to be so much longer than it is today.

London’s Alleys: Cheshire Court, EC4

This short narrow alley off Fleet Street has seen some of the most famous names in history walk down it’s narrow path, for there’s a pub door down here that’s legendary.

London’s Alleys: Harp Alley, EC4

This is a fairly wide modern looking alley just off Fleet Street that follows a path which is traceable back to Tudor times.

London’s Alleys: Hen and Chicken Court, EC4

This modest and in its own way pleasant little back alley is notable not just for its curious name, but for being associated with the infamous Demon Barber, Sweeney Todd.

London’s Alleys – Crane Court, EC4

This rather modern looking and uninspiring alley near Fleet Street is however steeped in history, science and political intrigue.

The little noticed frieze on Temple Bar Monument

Where once a mighty stone gate stood baring the entrance to the City of London now stands a tall ornate monument.

Finally getting inside St Dunstan-in-the-West

There is a very distinctive church frontage almost next to the Royal Court of Justice on Fleet Street that I have wanted to peer inside for years, but every time I walked past, the doors have been firmly closed.

Photos of the Early Printing Presses at Fleet Street

Fleet Street may have been known as the traditional heart of London’s newspapers, but in fact, many of the newspapers were situated not on Fleet Street proper, but on side streets around it. One such property was the Associated Newspapers

The underground crypt in the City of London

Lurking in a tiny side alley onĀ  a small side street near Fleet Street in the City of London lies one of the city’s less well known bits of heritage – the remains of the Whitefriar’s Crypt. To find the

Pictures of the Digging of the Fleet Sewer

Another extract from my collection of the Illustrated London News of 1845 – this time a short item on the enlargement of the earlier sewer system running under Fleet Street. As subterranean structures are a long running passion of mine,