Festival Of Britain - Latest news and reviews

A history of the South Bank Lion

Standing proud above the tourists on Westminster Bridge is a statue of a noble lion who gave hope to London during WW2 and was saved by a King.

The Festival of Britain’s Message to the Moon

There are a good many photos of the Festival of Britain, but curiously, few show one of its more exciting, if flawed ideas -- a radio telescope beaming messages to the moon from the centre of London.

The Festival of Britain’s clock tower in East London

A remnant of the 1951 Festival of Britain can be found in East London far from the South Bank, but is, for locals, as vibrant a focal point.

London’s Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Branch Railway

In 1939, Punch magazine published cartoons about a fanciful railway, little realising that in the 1950s that fantasy railway would become reality and carry 2 million passengers.