Epping Ongar Railway - Latest news and reviews

Miniature steam trains for Epping

The Epping Ongar Railway, a heritage line with lots of big steam trains has gained a smaller counterpart - a fully working miniature steam railway.

Tickets Alert: Celebrate the 50th birthday of the Class 50 locomotive

Next month marks their 50th anniversary, and there will be one running along a stretch of former London Underground track to celebrate.

Tickets Alert: London Transport returns to Ongar

The Epping Ongar Railway -- a steam heritage line in East London -- is going back to its roots, back to when it was part of the Central Line.

One Step Closer to Steam Trains at Epping Tube Station

The Epping Ongar Railway, that doesn’t actually run from Epping has made a step closer to joining up with its namesake. When the Epping to Ongar section of the Central Line was closed down, and later turned into a heritage

Tube trains return to a disused tube line

Later this month will be a chance to see tube trains make a special return to a part of the Central Line that stopped passenger services 20 years ago.

London’s nearest steam railway needs a new bridge

The steam train service running along a length of old Central line tube train tracks up at Epping is seeking funds to install a new railway bridge.

Ride in the drivers cab along the old Central Line

Want to ride in the drivers cab of a locomotive along part of the old Central line? Well, you can later this month.

Steam trains to run along part of the Central Line in June

Tickets for another of the London Underground's 150th anniversary events have just gone on sale, and include some pretty decent prices for trips in a luxuriously restored Victorian steam carriage.

One step closer to seeing Steam Trains at Epping tube station

The recently restored Epping Ongar railway in North-East London, while running steam trains from Ongar, doesn’t actually go to Epping. Although it used to – and has just announced that it is one stage closer to resuming services along the

Steam Trains return to the Epping Ongar Railway

Over the weekend, the inhabitants of Ongar in Essex got extremely excited as the disused railway linking the town to Epping returned to life again – as a steam railway service. The railway built around 150 years ago, and taken

The world’s oldest surviving wooden church

If I told you that the world's oldest wooden church is not in a dusty part of Palestine or Ethiopia, but in the green fields of the UK, you might be surprised. Even more so if I pointed out that it is just outside London.

Steam Trains to run along a disused Tube Line

If you live out near Ongar on the furthest north-eastern edges of London next this weekend, listen out for the sound of steam trains chugging along a disused part of London Underground’s Central Line railway. After a few years of

Michael Portillo rides on the Post Office Railway

A heads up about a couple of TV shows that may be worth watching later this week. Travelling around Great Britain by train, former politician, Michael Portillo uses a copy of Victorian cartographer George Bradshaw’s Railway Companion to compare and

The day I got to ride in the drivers cab on a heritage railway line

Over the weekend, the still under refurbishment Eping-Ongar Railway had an open day. Officially to celebrate the restoration of one of their train stations, which was far from finished, I overheard on chap comment that actually it was an attempt