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John Betjeman exhibition opens inside Wellington Arch

Almost everyone who has visited St Pancras station has taken time out to look for the statue of John Betjeman in his famous upward staring pose holding onto the trademark hat.

A look at the secular enclave within Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, that mighty bastion of religion has an alien invader amongst its midst, a couple of buildings that were nominally religious, but have spent the past 800 years performing more secular duties.

The grass gets greener at Stonehenge

Computer generated images of new buildings and urban landscapes have long been a bit of an annoyance for me (and many people) in how the images rendered are rarely realistic representations of how the building will look when finished.

New exhibition inside Westminster’s Jewel Tower

The Victoria Tower dominates the southern end of the Houses of Parliament and is the repository of laws passed by our elected masters -- but sitting on the other side of the road is the much smaller, and vastly older building that it replaced.

Egyptian Architecture in London – an Exhibition

London is packed full of various lumps of ancient Egypt cluttering up museums who by various means in the past acquired them, so another display in another museum might seem excessive. However, Egypt has also inspired architects, resulting in quite

Go inside the Duke of Wellington’s London Home

In a time when politicians were almost exclusively drawn from the landed gentry, it helped prospective Prime Minister’s to have a grand London home to entertain and work from, and one such building can be found at number 149 Picadilly.

A look at a 600 year old “timber cathedral” just outside Heathrow

A tiny shade under 600 years ago, Winchester College needed a new barn to replace an older one on some land it owned just outside what is today Heathrow Airport. Today that barn is still standing, largely intact and has

The Old Jewel Tower of Westminster Palace

Of the several towers extant within Westminster, one of the more overlooked, literally as well as figuratively has to be the Jewel Tower that sits in a little corner opposite Parliament. A small stone built building, just three stories high,

A bookshop has opened inside the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner

Wellington Arch, the huge triumphal pile of stone at Hyde Park Corner has gained a tiny bookshop inside the arch itself – oh, and a new exhibition area upstairs. I doubt many people who casually wander past the huge archway

An Ivy Clad Phone Box

Sitting on the corner of Sydenham Hill road in Forest Hill is the rather sad, yet oddly romantic sight of an early Telephone Box being slowly consumed by ivy leaf. The phone within has evidently long ceased to function, and

The other Open House weekend outside London

The weekend before London Open House Weekend, the rest of the country has a go at a similar thing, with its Heritage Open Days. Trawling through the list, below are my personal picks that are close to (and sometimes, inside)

Heritage Question Time

Various “bosses” of the UK’s heritage industry are to submit themselves to a Question Time type session in front of the public next month – but if you want to be one of the questioners, then you need to put