English Heritage - Latest news, articles and photos

English Heritage - Latest news, articles and photos

Eltham Palace gardens reopening to the public next month

The slow return to some semblance of normality continues with the partial reopening of Eltham Palace in south-east London next month

Stonehenge streaming the Summer Solstice this weekend

Stonehenge will be silent this summer solstice for the first time in probably centuries, but anyone will be to watch the sunrise via the internet instead.

Museum Meals: Eltham Palace

When visiting a posh home/old castle combo, it seems fitting to dine locally, in their back garden greenhouse.

Visit – Eltham Palace

Down in suburban South-East London is a building that managed to blend Medieval palace, art-deco design and a castle-like moat into one perfect home – this is Eltham Palace.

Day trips from London – Dover Castle, the largest castle in England

Looming high over Dover town centre is the mighty fortress that remarkably includes almost every era in English history from Roman to WW2.

Day trips from London – Tilbury Fort

Today marks the anniversary of a certain Queen giving a rather famous speech to her troops in Tilbury. But why Tilbury?

Day trips from London – Berkhamsted Castle

The small commuter town of Berkhamsted sits on one of the most important sites in English history – the location of the formal surrender of the English to William the Conqueror. And yet, most people haven’t heard of it.

Derek Jarman gets a Blue Plaque

Yesterday, an anti-establishment film director known for the colour blue got his own Blue Plaque from the establishment.

Ranger’s House – the art collection you’ve probably never seen

At the top end of Greenwich Park, away from the tourists is a grand house, called a lodge, and inside is one of the UK’s finest collections of art. And until last week, not the easiest or most obvious one to see.

Day trips from London – Avebury Stone circle

There’s a part of England’s green and pleasant land that’s rich in ancient stone works, and at one place, you can find a pub inside a giant stone circle.

The ancient tradition of cleaning the Uffington Horse

For thousands of years, people have come to Uffington to clean a prehistoric white horse carved into the landscape. And this weekend, the ancient tradition was performed once again.

Day trips from London – Rochester Castle & Cathedral

A mere 35 minutes from central London can be found a large, if ruined castle, and next to it a vibrant, if modest sized Cathedral. This is Rochester, and a very historic town.

Apsley House puts on the Waterloo Banquet

To mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington’s London home, Apsley House has re-presented Waterloo Gallery where Wellington held annual banquets to commemorate the great victory.

Wartime bunker under Eltham Palace to be restored

As part of a range of upgrades just announced for the art-deco Eltham Palace, the WW2 bunker underneath the building is to be restored to its wartime appearance.

Museum Meals – The Jewel Tower

In a small grassy depression directly opposite the Houses of Parliament can be found a small stone tower, which happens to be a 14th century building that is open to the public as a small museum.

More Blue Plaques planned for London

Despite all the media fuss about the death of the Blue Plaque a couple of years ago, they are still going strong, and nominations has opened for more of them to be installed on buildings.

How close London came to being covered in concrete

One of London’s greatest strengths, and in some ways, its greatest curse, has been the lack of a dominating Overload with the power to tear down entire chunks of the city and rebuild it in their preferred style.

Post War buildings celebrated inside the Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch next to Hyde Park has swapped out the display inside the top of the arch bit and is running a short exhibition on how 20th century buildings, often derided have been preserved and in some cases, gained affection.