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Floodlighting for London’s civil war church

Old churches can look quite delightful when lit up at night, and now a church that some say was the cradle of English Parliamentary democracy has been floodlit at night.

Uncovering London’s forgotten Civil War fortifications

Longer, taller, and wider than its more famous Roman ancestor, there used to be a massive wall surrounding London - and yet it vanished within a decade of being built. What happened?

The English Civil War Society parades along The Mall

For the thirty-somthingth time, the English Civil War society travelled down to London to march in memory of King Charles I and once again lay a wreath on the spot of his execution at Banqueting House.

Look out for the English Civil War march on Sunday

This Sunday, an spectacular sight will greet anyone in central London as roughly 500 members of the King’s Army of the English Civil War Society will march along The Mall and muster in Horseguards. They will be following the footsteps

Photos – Commemorating the Nine Regicides

If you read the blog regularly, then you may recall that this morning, a march down The Mall took place to commemorate the Nine Regicides. Organised by the Roundhead Association of the English Civil War Society, it was a visually

The Horrid Murder of His Majestie, King Charles I

This morning, roughly 500 members of the King’s Army of the English Civil War Society marched through Whitehall – in the footsteps of King Charles I in commemoration of ‘His Majestie’s Horrid Murder’ at the hands of the Parliament in