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London Public Art: Taxi

A weatherworn, and better for it bronze is frozen in time trying to hail a taxi cab next to London’s Embankment.

A stained glass phone box has appeared on Embankment

On the Embankment near Blackfriars is a normal looking phone box with a most delightful stained glass addition.

London Alleys – Essex Street Steps

This is probably the grandest entrance that has ever been constructed to what is just a short set of steps between two roads.

TV show about London Underground’s flood barriers

Next week, the BBC’s Coast TV programme will have a segment about the flood barriers that were installed on the London Underground at the start of WW2.

100th anniversary of the Charing Cross (Embankment) tube station

One hundred years ago a new tube station opened, a terminus to a tube line that was to last just 12 years before it was downgraded to a mere passing platform.

London Underground’s transparent escalator

Of the many oddities that can be found on the London Underground, one of the more curious has to be the see-through escalator.

The remains of a strange tunnel near the Embankment

If you wander around the back streets of the posher bits of grand buildings along the Embankment, you might spy an old looking tunnel entrance under some buildings.

No Northern or Bakerloo line trains at Embankment next year

London Underground has announced that Northern Line and Bakerloo Line trains wont be stopping at Embankment Station for most of next year (2014) due to a major overhaul of the escalators.

Photos from inside an abandoned tube tunnel

Just under 100 years ago, an extension of the Northern Line running under the Thames opened to the public, but 26 years later it would be hit by a German bomb and flooded. It is still sealed off to this day.

The Northern Line tunnel – bombed and flooded in 1940 – and still sealed shut

Just before midnight on the 9th September 1940, sailors up on deck of the cargo sailing ship, Seven Seas were watching an air raid by German bombers over the Charing Cross railway bridge when an explosion hit the river and