Elizabeth Line - Latest news and reviews

Another Crossrail station tour announced

There's a chance to visit the next in the series of tours that Crossrail are running of their stations over the next few months.

Disused tram tunnel restored by Crossrail

A disused tram tunnel that was commandeered for the Crossrail project is due to be handed back to Camden Council following a restoration to its original condition.

How Crossrail was affected by the curvature of the earth

Crossrail's tunnels under London are long, so long that when they were being planned, they were affected by something you might not expect -- the curvature of the earth.

Take a sneak peek at Canary Wharf’s new Elizabeth line station

It’s come a long way since it was raw concrete and sand, and today was a chance for the public to go in and see what their new Elizabeth line station will look like when it opens in a few months time.

Watch the first live test of an Elizabeth line train in the Crossrail tunnels

Sunday night saw a first, as an Elizabeth line train entered the Crossrail tunnels under its own electric power for the first time.

Behind the hoardings tours of Canary Wharf’s Elizabeth line station

Tickets have been released for the last chance to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.

Elizabeth line property developments quadruple predicted levels

One of the expectations of any major transport upgrade is that the value of homes and offices nearby will rise -- but the rise in value caused by the Elizabeth line has surprised researchers.

One final chance to go on a Crossrail building site tour

The tours will be your last chance to get behind the hoardings, see the new stations under construction and experience this major infrastructure project at work.

New Elizabeth line tube maps show phased service launch

The five-stage launch of the Elizabeth line (nee Crossrail) has been highlighted in a series of new tube maps included in a forthcoming report on preparations for the service launch.

See how the Elizabeth line roundels are made

They first started appearing a couple of weeks ago, and now you can see how the Elizabeth line roundels are being manufactured.

How Crossrail’s legacy could end up in rural Oxfordshire

A sleepy railway station in rural Oxfordshire could now be an unlikely beneficiary of the Crossrail project.

Custom House DLR reopens following Crossrail works

A day early, or several weeks late, depending on your perspective, Custom House DLR has reopened to the public.

Why is the Elizabeth line not on the tube map?

The latest edition of tube map is missing something -- an entire line has been omitted from the map -- where is the Elizabeth line?

Canals, spies & politics – the Crossrails that weren’t built

2018 will be the year that Crossrail is completed, and the Elizabeth line is born, yet it could have looked ever so different had previous plans been built.

New London tube map includes the forthcoming Elizabeth line

With just under a year to the first passenger trains, a new tube map has been shown off including the Elizabeth line (nee Crossrail) as it will be when the service launches in December 2018.