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Photos from inside Crossrail’s concrete factory

When the early sub-surface train tunnels were built, they were laboriously lined with bricks by the builders, but when the first deep tube tunnels were constructed, they had to switch to curved iron plates that were bolted into place. More

Photos inside a future Crossrail Tunnel

Last April I had a chance to walk through the length of the Connaught Tunnel, a disused railway tunnel in Docklands that will be refurbished for Crossrail. Today I went back for another look, although due to the now ongoing

Crossrail is looking for names for its giant tunnelling machines

Being the sort of person who prefers rather bland factual descriptions, the idea of giving a cute name to a mechanical device seems a rather odd concept. However, as the vast majority of people disagree with my eminently superior opinions

Updated photos of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Although I did once go down underground into the station, here are a few photos I took over the weekend of the visible part of the building works, with reasonably close comparisons with previous photos I took. Difficult to get

Fancy testing part of a future Crossrail Station?

If you use the tube station at Victoria, then you already are! An area within one of the busiest parts of the already very busy Victoria station was changed a couple of months ago to test some sample materials that

A tour of the Crossrail tunnel portal at Royal Oak

In around 2018, when the first Crossrail passengers come into London from the West, they leave the existing overland railway near Royal Oak tube station and dip down into the tunnels that will run under the city. In order for

Crossrail photography competition

Just had a note from the company churning up chunks of the West End that they have a photography competition as they would like some nice photos to put on their building site barriers to make them a bit more

Photos from inside the Elizabeth line station at Canary Wharf

To mark the second year of works at the Crossrail Station in Canary Wharf,a notable Minister of the Crown , and your less notable correspondent got to go down into what is still very much a building site to have

Walking through an abandoned train tunnel under London’s Docks

Although most of the train tunnels being built in London for Crossrail will be brand new, one section of tunnel will in fact be already over 140 years old when the first Crossrail train passes through. Built under the docks

A Charnel House at Liverpool Street Crossrail Station?

The BBC’s Tom Edwards got up close with some dead bodies yesterday as part of a news report into the discovery of a graveyard roughly where Crossrail’s Liverpool Street ticket hall will be. I jokingly commented yesterday on Twitter that

Photos of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

After the visit to the mock-up of a tunnelled Crossrail station the other week, I thought I would have a closer look at the huge cavern that is the future Crossrail station in Canary Wharf. Built inside an old dock,

The “fake Crossrail tube station” hidden in a rural warehouse

A few months ago I stood in the Building Centre and looked at a tiny model of a Crossrail station with tiny model people inside. Yesterday I stood inside a model of a Crossrail station. No, I haven’t been shrunk

Crossrail exhibition at the Building Centre

A couple of weeks ago, a small exhibition opened at the Building Centre with images of how the Crossrail stations are expected to look in 2017 when the railway eventually opens to the public. For me, a good train station

Proposals for Post-Crossrail development at TCR

A brief comment has been released on part of the redevelopment proposals for the land which will be cleared as a result of the Crossrail developments at Tottenham Court Road tube station. As the buildings on the corner will be

Another Crossrail lecture

Earlier this year I attended a breakfast lecture at the Building Centre on the topic of Crossrail, hosted by David Anderson, the Engineering Director of Crossrail. You might be interested to know that they are hosting a second lecture –