Elizabeth Line - Latest news and reviews

New book about Crossrail released

Now that Crossrail has completed all its tunnels (yes, really!), its time for a book to applaud the effort.

Photos from the Crossrail tunnels under Farringdon

Of all the stations being built by Crossrail, one of the most complex is at Farringdon, and all thanks to an event in the North Sea roughly 10 million years ago.

Crossrail supplied sea-wall breached in Essex

Several million tonnes of soil dug from under London by Crossrail have been used to build a new sea wall around an island in the Thames Estuary. Over the weekend, the wall was breached and saltwater flooded the farmland. This

Photos – Walking through a Crossrail tunnel

Today, some 500 people will have the chance to walk through the Crossrail tunnel that runs under the Thames at Woolwich.

Tickets to walk through a Crossrail tunnel

Fancy walking through a Crossrail tunnel next month? Well, you can if you are quick as they are offering a chance to walk through the tunnel at Woolwich.

The new tube map assailed by a sea of orange

Slightly earlier than expected, the new tube map has been revealed, which has seen a swathe of orange invade the east, and the first section of what will be the future Crossrail come into action.

First Elizabeth line station opens to the public

Earlier today, with music and free food, Crossrail’s first railway station opened to the public.

Crossrail holding talks about Bedlam excavations

Starting this week, Crossrail is hosting a weekly briefing on its archeology dig at Liverpool Street which aims to recover some 3,000 remains from the Bedlam burial site.

Crossrail to move 3,000 plague victims

In order to build the new Crossrail station at Liverpool Street, some 3,000 skeletons from the Bedlam burial ground have to be removed, and the removal process has just started.

Range Rover drives a car through a Crossrail tunnel

In a blatant PR stunt, but one that looks like it was quite fun, Range Rover have driven one of their cars along a Crossrail tunnel.

Free tours of Crossrail building sites announced

There will be a chance to go behind the scenes at a number of Crossrail building sites during the 6th-7th March, as part of the construction industry's Open Doors event.

Crossrail tunnel boring machine breaks into Liverpool St Station

Another of the Crossrail tunnel boring machines have made their dramatic breakthroughs into an underground cavern -- this time the eastern end of Liverpool Street Crossrail station.

Photos from Crossrail’s huge Stockley flyover

While much of the Crossrail works are understandably focused on the tunnels under London, there are some significant upgrades being carried out on existing railways as well -- such as the Stockley Flyover in west London.

New Crossrail photos

Crossrail has released some fresh photos of the tunneling works going on deep under London at the moment.

Visit a future Elizabeth line train depot

When the future Elizabeth line trains go to sleep at night, one of their bedrooms will be a large new depot being built at Old Oak Common, and next year there is a chance to have a look at the site.