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The Elizabeth line is a new railway for London, previously called the Crossrail project. When it opens (in stages) from December 2018, it will add a massive 10 percent to central London’s tube network capacity, and speed up journeys east-west across the city.

Some common questions:

When does the Elizabeth line open? Answer:

Is there an Elizabeth line tube map yet? Answer: Yes, available here

How long is the Elizabeth line? Answer: The Elizabeth line is made up of 26 miles of new tunnels, and will be 73 miles in lenth including existing mailine railways.

How many stations are there on the Elizabeth line? Answer: There are 40 stations in total, 10 new stations and 30 upgraded existing stations.

Elizabeth Line commuters to start their trip with a Latin motto

City commuters will soon start their journeys with the blessing, "Lord, guide us" as they commence their journeys on the Elizabeth line.

Final upgrades prepare Tottenham Court Road station for Crossrail

The final milestone in the upgrade of Tottenham Court Road Underground station has been reached

From woolly mammoths to plague to marmalade – Crossrail’s legacy goes on display

A collection of some of the finest finds from the Crossrail archeology project have gone on display in a new exhibition in Canary Wharf.

Why West London is 3 metres higher than it should be

It may not be obvious to the untrained eye, but much of West London is higher than it should be -- by around 3 metres.

Crossrail in a jam with Astoria nightclub discovery

A hidden vault under the old Astoria nightclub has been unearthed by Crossrail builders and it has revealed an unexpected history of one of Britain's first condiment suppliers.

New Elizabeth line train being tested in a huge freezer

One of the future Elizabeth line (nee Crossrail) trains has made a trip to Vienna -- to be frozen.

New books about Crossrail archeology released

Five new books about the archeology uncovered during the Crossrail project have been published, to add to two previous books that were released earlier this year.

Crossrail art goes on display

A major construction project will have photographic records of the work done, but can also sometimes seek out more artistic interpretations, and Crossrail has done that.

Elizabeth Line’s arrival to see cuts to buses along Oxford Street

The arrival of the Elizabeth Line (nee, Crossrail) in a couple of years time will see more changes to central London -- as buses services are to be cut.

Elizabeth line’s railway station at Abbey Wood taking shape

Abbey Wood's new station is beginning to take shape with the timber structure of the distinctive roof now complete.

Photos from the Crossrail station at Bond Street

With just over two years to go, the public are getting an early glimpse of the future Elizabeth Line stations, as Crossrail opens up some of its building sites to the public.

Great Plague of London found in Crossrail skeletons

Scientific analysis of skeletons excavated as part of the Crossrail programme has identified the DNA of the bacteria responsible for the 1665 Great Plague.

Fresh photos from the Crossrail tunnels released

Crossrail has released some more photos showing how the tunnels are being prepared to become the operational Elizabeth line.

Crossrail offering tours of its building sites

As part of next month's Open House Weekend, Crossrail has confirmed that it will be holding open days letting people down into some of their tunnels and stations.

Crossrail book shows off the finished station designs

If you want a sneak peak of what the new stations will look like when Crossrail hands over to the Elizabeth line, a new book has been published all about them.

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