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Electricity gives the Wellcome Collection a Spark of Life

You've probably seen the black and white photo of a woman in futuristic hair-curlers promoting the Wellcome Collection's exhibition about electricity, but its more than hair tongs and kettles that's on display.

The private monorail tunnel under North London

Under North London, there exists a private underground monorail service, some 20km long running from Elstree to St John's Wood in the centre of town.

The day a huge power cut left thousands trapped on tube trains

It's the ebb of the evening rush hour when engineers carrying out planned work on the National Grid's electricity network report a problem with one of the transformers at the substation. Within minutes most of South London is plunged into darkness, mainline train stations close, and over half the London Underground shuts down.

A tour around Shoreham Power Station

As part of last weekend’s Open House not in London events, I secured a tour of the Shoreham power station. There are in fact two Shoreham power stations to choose from, one nuclear and one gas powered. Sadly for my

Domesticating Electricity – a lunchtime lecture

This lunchtime, I wandered over to the opulent splendor of the Royal Society for one of their free lunchtime lectures. They are usually presented by someone who is coincidentally just about to release a new book – and today was

More hidden tunnels under London

I am sure you are familiar with my fascination with underground tunnels etc – and you probably know that in addition to the obvious tube network and municipal services, that there are a fair number of other tunnels under the

Early Electricity Supplies in London

I was doing a visit to Ely Place in the City of London and will write about that later as it is an interesting tale, but this posting is about a “manhole cover” I saw in the pavement on that