East London Line - Latest news and reviews

More frequent trains and a new station for the London Overground

The government has approved transport upgrade funding along the London Overground for more frequent trains and a new station at Surrey Canal Road, to unlock additional housing developments.

A week of disruptions on London Over- and Under-ground

In two separate notices, London Underground has designated the first week of August for two separate but major sets of disruptions on the tube network.

South London railway disused for 100 years comes back to life

This coming Sunday, passengers will once again be able to travel along that disused Victorian railway line, as the London Overground completes its circumnavigation of London with the last phase of the East London Line extension.

East London Line – Drivers Cab video

Earlier today a number of people were invited to try out the new East London Line extension between Surrey Quay's and Clapham Junction. By the courtesy of the driver, I was allowed to video the drivers view.

The tale of the “Dead Body Train” at Whitechapel

There is a tale that is often repeated late at night in spooky surroundings that there was once a Dead Body Train that ran through a special tunnel and collected the dead from the Royal London Hospital and took them

The East London Line – in the style of a Victorian Newspaper

The first day of the East London Line extension to West Croydon – in the style of a Victorian Newspaper. Hopefully. — Readers may recall the recent news of the reopening of the East London Line railway that passes under

London Overground Service to Shrink on Sunday

This coming Sunday, the second phase of the East London Line conversion to being part of the London Overground will be completed as trains will cease to stop at New Cross Gate and will instead run down to West Croydon.

First Day of the East London Line

“I apologise for the cramped conditions” was how the first train on the newly extended East London Line was introduced to its excited passengers. For yes, the majority, if not indeed the totality of the passengers were highly excited. A

Brunel’s Thames Tunnel Open to the Public

Warning – tickets are SOLD OUT. You can try turning up in the hope that people have spares, but that is about it. The Brunel Museum will however resume their floodlit tunnel train trips in a few months time. In

A unique interactive exhibition

Trawling through a weird glossy magazine that landed in my letterbox a few weeks ago, I noticed an advert for a “unique interactive exhibition” being held nearby. That in itself wasn’t enough to interest me, but the topic, archaeology and