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The milkmaid statue by Regents Park

If you wander towards Regents Park from Camden you may come across a pile of old stones, and on top, a statue of a milkmaid.

Charlton’s coronation drinking fountain

In the heart of Charlton village is a drinking fountain that arrived a year after the event it commemorates.

Have you seen the tall Victorian drinking fountain at Old Street junction

Plenty of people pass it by, thinking little of this tall column that stands near the junction with Old Street, but it’s an impressive Victorian drinking fountain.

150 Years of Clean Drinking Water

One hundred and fifty years ago this very day, London’s first free public water fountain that guaranteed clean drinking water was unveiled to much applause. Somewhat less than 150 years ago, I wrote about it – so rather than recaping

A drinking fountain on Holborn Viaduct

I have wandered along Holborn for many years and only recently started paying attention to the odd little things that line London’s streets. Right at the very Eastern end of Holborn Viaduct, opposite the Old Bailey is a church, and