Doctor Who - Latest news, articles and photos

Doctor Who - Latest news, articles and photos

Missing Doctor Who London Underground story to be released

Set on the London Underground, the Web of Fear is one of those famously lost episode storys from Doctor Who, but a partially restored version is to be released by the BBC.

An immersive Doctor Who show is coming to London in 2021

Early next year will see Doctor Who: Time Fracture open in London, an immersive theatre event where you will be part of the show.

Tickets Alert: Doctor Who and The Talons of Weng-Chiang

There’s an opportunity next month to see a screening of one of Tom Baker’s better Doctor Who outings, followed by Q&A with Louise Jameson.

The story behind the Earl’s Court TARDIS

Sitting outside Earl’s Court tube station is a blue police box — a TARDIS — the first to be introduced to London since 1969, and it was built by London Underground.

Tickets Alert: Doctor Who screening – The Curse of Fenric

There will be a special anniversary screening of seventh Doctor’s penultimate story, with Sophie Aldred and script editor Andrew Cartmel.

Dr Who Daleks as London icons

Imagine a fusion of Doctor Who’s famous villan, the Dalek and some of London’s more famous street icons, and you have a work of art by Stu MacKay.

Dr Who exhibition in central London

For a couple of weeks, there’s a small exhibition of book cover art work related to the Dr Who books, which have been re-released by their publisher.

The Dr Who branded £10 bank note

There sits inside the British Museum a collection of bank notes and coinage — and an exceptionally rare Dr Who branded bank note.

Dr Who and Thunderbirds are Go at the RAF Museum!

In the ye olde days before computer CGI ruined everything, science fiction was noted for its use of plastic, wood and dubious plotlines.

See Dr Who in the London Underground on a cinema screen

A chance to see some recently rediscovered Dr Who episodes on a big screen next weekend, as the Prince Charles Cinema screens the entire Web of Fear story, and to put it into context, the preceding story as well, The Enemy of the World.

London auction of a Dalek, a Cyberman and a Tardis

More Dr Who stuff as Dr Who stuff is put up for sale at an auction house next month. Persons with wallets deeper than a Dr Who plot-line may be inclined to want to buy a Dalek, or a Cyberman, or an actual Tardis prop model. Time travel not included.

Dr Who and the Curse of the London Underground

It’s the 50th anniversary of a TV show, and the 150th anniversary of an underground railway — so, here are some Dr Who episodes that featured the London Underground.

Dr Who and the Daleks invade the Museum of London

A new exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the Radio Times has opened at the Museum of London, and as with anything BBC related, has a lot of Dr Who included.

Visit the Doctor Who museum and fan shop in London, UK

If you are a Doctor Who fan, then there is a good museum devoted to the science fiction show to visit in East London.

The Robots of Death at the Gunnersbury Park Museum

Formerly the home of the Rothschild family, a large mansion house near Acton Town tube station is now home to an expansive local museum for the area, and currently has a rather curious temporary exhibition on in addition to the usual permanent displays.

Dr Who in Comics – an exhibition

Dr Who has spawned more than a couple of films, tv spin-off series and gaudy trinkets for collectors – it also created an entire separate storyline in the form of the comic magazine.

Dr Who and the Deus ex Machina of Doom

I am going to be controversial and say that I really loathed the Dr Who series finale, and am getting increasingly despondent with the gushing unthinking praise that the programme gets from the fans (who make Apple fanboys looks moderate

Dr Who, Ancient Egyptians and a Glass of Wine

Suggest an evening that involves wandering round an old fashioned museum with a glass of wine and I am probably already interested – but throw in allusions to Dr Who and various other science fiction shows and we have a