Docklands Light Railway Dlr - Latest news, articles and photos

Docklands Light Railway Dlr - Latest news, articles and photos

DLR tunnel to Bank station is being extended

The DLR tunnel to Bank tube station is getting longer — not because of tunneling work, but because of a new housing development.

The early plans for the DLR to be a Tram not a Train

It seems difficult to believe, but London’s famous driverless trains came very close to having drivers, and being a tram network, not a train one.

TfL seeking suppliers for 43 new DLR trains

Regular readers will know that TfL has been looking to buy some new trains for the DLR, and today has confirmed that it is now seeking a supplier.

TfL looking to replace its aging DLR trains

TfL has outlined plans to replace some of its aging DLR trains and in the process increase the size of the fleet to cope with extra demand.

Five new river crossings announced by the Mayor

The Mayor of London has outlined aspirations for a number of new river crossings in East London, which is a bit of a north-south barrier at the moment as far as transport is concerned.

Canary Wharf’s 1990s model of the DLR

Sitting up high on the 30th floor of the main Canary Wharf tower is a model of the DLR that hasn’t changed since the mid 1990s.

TfL seeking a fresh redesign for its new DLR trains

There could be a fleet of new fully walk through trains on the DLR with air-conditioning in the near future, according to a document published by TfL.

A new railway station has opened in Stratford

On the day that tube unions start a strike to keep stop TfL closing ticket offices, TfL has opened a brand new station that was built without any ticket office at all.

Last chance to use Pudding Mill Lane DLR station before it closes

You have just one day to pay a visit to one of the least used stations on the Docklands Light Railway before it closes forever. To be replaced with a shiny new station just a few meters to one side.

How a tube station gets its fresh air though an old toilet

If you’ve ever noticed an odd smell in the DLR at Bank station would it perhaps surprise you to learn that the deep tunnels are ventilated through an old toilet?

Vote for your favourite DLR train design

An email from the DLR says I can vote for one of three designs that will be used following a revamp of the trains.

The Docklands Light Railway’s Drainpipe of Doom

The Docklands Light Railway recently covered up one of their bridges in a load of scaffolding and protective wrapping – which prompted me to send them a message asking a fairly specific, but quite simple question. Will the drain be

Happy 25th Birthday to the Docklands Light Railway

Depending on how you count birthdays for infrastructure projects, today is the 25th anniversary of the official opening of the Docklands Light Railway – by The Queen on the 30th July 1987. And like the Queen, the DLR has two

Photos – the new DLR Extension to Stratford International

A day later than I had originally expected, the DLR extension to Stratford International has finally opened to the general public.

The DLR extension is finally opening

Update 30th Aug 5:55am: Despite the TfL website showing trains running every few minutes as expected, the platforms at Canning Town are still sealed off and a DLR train attendant told me they are still testing the line. No idea

30th Anniversary of the Docklands Development Corporation

Today (2nd July) marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of the LDDC – formally, the London Docklands Development Corporation, the latest in a series of attempts to do something with the abandoned wasteland of the former London Docks which

Sitting in the driving seat on a DLR train

One of the great joys about the oversized roller-coaster that is the Docklands Light Railway has long been the ability to sit right at the front of the train and “pretend” to be the train driver, or more maturely to

15 years since the Docklands bombing

A fraction after 7pm on the 9th February 1996, the IRA ended their 17-month ceasefire with a huge explosion that ripped through the South Quays area of London’s Docklands. Today, 15 years later and a lot has changed in the