Docklands Light Railway Dlr - Latest news and reviews

DLR station upgrade funding approved

Initial funding to improve a number of DLR stations in the Royal Docks area has been approved by the Mayor of London.

TfL to order a fleet of new DLR trains

Transport for London (TfL) has finally awarded a contract to replace the oldest of its DLR trains, although the contract had been due to be awarded last year.

The DLR could be extended from Bank to Euston

Canary Wharf is working on a proposal for an improved rail link between the Docklands and Euston mainline station.

TfL mulls DLR and Overground extensions to Thamesmead

Long mooted plans to create a cross-river rail link across the Thames in East London are being looked at by TfL.

DLR needs to expand its Beckton train depot for new trains

The Docklands Light Railway is seeking permission to expand its Beckton depot ahead of the arrival of a fleet of new trains due in a few years time.

The curious stone tower on Queen Victoria Street

Right outside the front door of the new Bloomberg Building is a curious unmarked stone tower.

The DLR is getting a new station and more trains

A little noticed sentence in the Budget has announced that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is to get a new station and 14 additional trains.

Private tourist trains coming to the DLR

The Docklands Light Railway is to get a short trial of private tourist trains, running between Tower Gateway and Greenwich.

DLR station upgrade in pictures

The Limehouse DLR station, which also has an interchange with the C2C railway is getting an upgrade at the moment, but it's running rather late.

The year a DLR train visited Manchester

Shortly before arriving in London, a Docklands Light Railway train paid a visit to Manchester and carried excited passengers on short test trips.

Public open day at Crossrail’s Custom House station

Sitting next to the DLR and the huge Excel exhibition centre, when it opens, Custom House will be the only above ground station in Crossrail's central section.

Custom House DLR reopens following Crossrail works

A day early, or several weeks late, depending on your perspective, Custom House DLR has reopened to the public.

TfL closer to buying fleet of new DLR trains

Transport for London (TfL) has taken a step in its search for a manufacturer to design and build a new generation of DLR trains, by issuing an Invitation to Negotiate.

Today’s the real 30th birthday for the DLR

While the DLR and others celebrated the DLR's 30th birthday last month, today is in fact the real 30th birthday.

DLR tunnel to Bank station is being extended

The DLR tunnel to Bank tube station is getting longer -- not because of tunneling work, but because of a new housing development.