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Tickets Alert: Tours of a particle accelerator

A short trip outside London is a huge silver UFO shaped building, and in August will be a chance to go inside to see the particle accelerator it houses.

Tickets Alert: Visit the UK’s largest particle accelerator

In the countryside not far from Didcot can be a found a stunning flying saucer of a building, which also happens to house the UK’s national synchrotron, and there’s a chance to go inside for a look.

Book tickets for an open day at the UK’s largest science park

Just outside Didcot can be found one of the UK’s hotbeds of science research, and this July, the campus will be hosting an open day for visitors.

Open weekend at the UK’s largest Particle Accelerator

A brief note that the UK’s largest particle accelerator is having a couple of open days next month.

More science places having open days

After mentioning the Fusion reactor visit the other day, two more science venues are also updating their open day events.

Tours of the UK’s Synchrotron particle accelerator

Slightly to the south of Didcot sits a huge silver UFO shaped building that happens to house the UK’s synchrotron – a special type of particle accelerator that is used to generate a unique form of radiation that can be

Steampunk at a Particle Accelerator

Readers may be familiar with the Steampunk genre, a fusion of history and science as people re-imagine how a modern world could look if Victorian engineering – specifically steam power – was still in use today. As a bit of

Visiting the UK’s Largest Particle Accelerator

Just outside Didcot lies a very distinctive huge silver ring doughnut that houses, what is basically, a gigantic microscope – and this weekend there was a fairly rare public open day to let the great unwashed inside its structure to