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Victorian art for the modern world – De Morgan goes digital

Ever since the De Morgan museum in Wandsworth closed in 2014, it's been a bit difficult to see the collection, but soon it'll be a lot easier.

Sublime Victorian pottery fills the Guildhall

For the next few months, there's a chance to see a selection of works by one of the greatest Victorian potters, William De Morgan, inside the City of London Guildhall.

Last chance to visit the De Morgan Centre before it closes

You have less than a month left to visit the De Morgan Centre before it closes its doors, possibly for a very long time. The what centre?

The De Morgan Gallery of Paintings and Pottery

In a single building near Wandsworth High St sits two museums. If you go in and turn to the left, you’ll walk into the local history museum, which I wrote about yesterday. Turn right though, and you enter the startlingly