Crystal Palace - Latest news and reviews

Crystal Palace dinosaurs supported by top hat from Guns N’ Roses Slash

The Crystal Palace dinosaurs are fundraising for a new bridge, and one of the items donated to them is a top hat, from Slash, the lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses.

Big step forward for a bridge to the Crystal Palace dinosaurs

Plans for a bridge to the island housing Crystal Palace's dinosaurs have taken a step forward following a pledge of £30,000 from the Mayor of London.

Tickets Alert: Crystal Palace’s Concocted Concrete Cretaceous Creations

Next weekend there will be a chance to get up close and personal with the Crystal Palace's infamous concrete dinosaurs.

Unbuilt London: Croydon trams extension to Crystal Palace

The South London trams snake around the region offering a convenient east-west link, but once could have also been extended to just outside the former Crystal Palace.

The Victorian supper inside a dinosaur

On 31st December 1853, a group of distinguished Victorian gentlemen celebrated the new year, by dining within the carcass of a dinosaur.

Tickets Alert: A film about the Crystal Palace subway

Hidden under the main road outside the Crystal Palace is a marvel of Victorian engineering, and now a film has been made about the people who have used it.

Builders discover the original “spend a penny” toilet

The remains of a 165-year-old toilet from the Great Exhibition which helped coin the phrase 'spend a penny' have been uncovered in London's Hyde Park.

Derelict Victorian tunnel to reopen to the public

A sealed-off Victorian tunnel under a road in Crystal Palace is set to reopen to the public after the trust fund looking after it reached its fundraising target.

Plans to reopen derelict Crystal Palace subway

An underground Victorian subway built for the Crystal Palace and long since abandoned is attempting to open up to the public once more.

Unbuilt London: The Victorian skyscraper taller than The Shard

Around 160 years ago, plans were announced for a skyscraper in London that would have a summit even higher than The Shard stands today.

Inside the derelict Crystal Palace subway

Just under 150 years ago, a subway was built linking a railway station to a shopping arcade, but was closed 60 years ago, and has been largely sealed up ever since. Which is a pity as it is a true marvel of Victorian brickwork.

Another attempt to rebuild the Crystal Palace

From fiery embers, phoenix like, the Crystal Palace is to be reborn. A shining glass emporium of culture to adorn the terraces of long neglected Sydenham. Except, that isn't what is being planned.

Unbuilt London: Victorian plans to encircle London with a Crystalline Railway

Bend your imagination to thoughts of the grandest of grand Victorian visions, and encircle the centre of our Metropolis with a vast crystal snake.

Light show at Crystal Palace

Next month, every single old fashioned television in the London area will stop receiving a TV signal as the main broadcast tower at Crystal Palace switches to digital only broadcasts. Signals sent in easily decoded waves will be replaced by

75th Anniversary of the Destruction of the Crystal Palace

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the great fire that destroyed the Crystal Palace, an ill fated “shopping center” that had long since fallen on hard times and finally met its knackers yard in a blazing inferno. Although set up