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Unbuilt London: Croydon trams extension to Crystal Palace

The South London trams snake around the region offering a convenient east-west link, but once could have also been extended to just outside the former Crystal Palace.

Tickets Alert: Free tours of the Croydon Tramlink Depot

Want to see behind the scenes of the London Tramlink depot where South London's trams are maintained?

West Croydon’s Woody New Bus Station

West Croydon has gained an upgraded bus station, and seems to have taken its inspiration from old steam engines and tree houses.

Ticket Alert: Routemaster Tours of Croydon

Jonathan Meades once described Croydon as London's filing cabinet, and later this month there will be a chance to take a look around the cupboards.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Croydon’s Tram Depot

Croydon Heritage Festival is offering the opportunity to peak behind the scenes and visit the tram maintenance, servicing and control facility,

Ticket Alert: Croydon Heritage Festival – Trams and Concrete

No sniggering back there, yes Croydon does have heritage, quite a lot of it in fact, and some of the hidden bits will be shown off next month.

A look around Croydon’s tram sidings and repair depot

A touch over 15 years ago, trams made a return to the streets of London, as Tramlink launched its first line through Croydon, and for all of those 15 years, trams have been looked after at a depot based not

Croydon’s Experimental Atmospheric Railway

Long term readers may recall my on/off researches into a tube railway that would have linked Waterloo Station to Whitehall, that would have been powered by air-pressure “blowing” carriages down the tube. That was just one version of so-called atmospheric

A visit to Croydon Palace

A long time ago, when Croydon was less a collection of indifferent office blocks and more green, it was also one of the more important residences of the Archbishop of Canterbury. A large – by the standards of the day