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Crossrail updates opening date again – now Summer 2021

Crossrail has announced that it expects to be able to open the Elizabeth line during the Summer of 2021 -- earlier than the "autumn" opening date suggested earlier this week.

More delays for Crossrail – won’t open until late 2021

The Crossrail project is likely to be delayed by as much as three-years from its original opening date, Transport for London’s commissioner Mike Brown has confirmed.

Behind the scenes at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station

Of all the Crossrail stations, few have as many superlatives as Liverpool Street - the deepest, the widest platforms, the longest, the one that links two tube stations, the one that was part built before Crossrail was even authorised.

Crossrail unveils a Dead Man’s Penny

A new plaque has been unveiled outside Crossrail's Woolwich station featuring a so-called Dead Man's Penny, given to the next of kin of those killed during WW1.

Crossrail delays to cost TfL up to £750 million in lost fares

Crossrail's recently announced additional delays to the opening of the Elizabeth line is expected to see TfL's projected income fall by between £500 million and £750 million over the next four years.

Crossrail warns of more delays and cost overuns

Crossrail has advised TfL that there are some projected delays in the opening of the Elizabeth line and it is likely that additional funding would be required, and that the opening date is being pushed back.

Photos from inside Paddington’s Crossrail station

Barely noticed by most train passengers passing through Paddington, a huge new Crossrail station is being built next to Brunel's mainline station.

Crossrail on target, but warns of risks

In a meeting with Transport for London earlier today, Crossrail confirmed that it remains on track to open the Elizabeth line within the October 2020 to March 2021 window previously identified, but warned that there is still uncertainty about the opening date.

Take a look at the Crossrail station under Bond Street

Of all the Crossrail stations, the most controversial has to be Bond Street - as it's so behind schedule that it might not open when the Elizabeth line's own delayed opening takes place.

Crossrail releases railway progress update

Crossrail has released what it says will be regular progress reports on how its getting towards a launch date for the Elizabeth line services.

See inside Crossrail’s Whitechapel station

One of the more complex stations being built by Crossrail is at Whitechapel where they not only had to build a new station above existing running railways but also tunnel underneath them as well.

Box in a box to avoid Crossrail vibrations

Deep underground a box has been built inside a box with special protections against vibrations from Crossrail and Northern line tunnels.

New photos show the current state of Crossrail stations

Although the opening of the line has been delayed to whenever, and the costs are uncertain, works are still going on inside the Crossrail stations.

Final Crossrail costs are “unknown” warns report

A report by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has warned that the final bill for the already over-budget Crossrail project cannot be foreseen.

Past and present photos of Crossrail construction sites

It's often nostalgic to look back at places that have been torn asunder by major construction sites and think, goodness, it really did look like that.