Covent Garden - Latest news, articles and photos

Covent Garden - Latest news, articles and photos

London’s Alleys: Bedford Court, WC2

This is an alley that leads off from busy Covent Garden through to a much quieter patch of residential housing.

Giant letters of Love, Hope & Joy for Covent Garden

A four-storey work of art has gone up in Covent Garden, with the words of Love, Hope & Joy emblazoned across a building overlooking the Piazza.

London’s Alleys: Lazenby Court, WC2

This is the alley that’s famous for squeezing in a narrow gap underneath an old pub in Covent Garden, and bare-knuckle fights.

Covent Garden to partially reopen from Monday 15th June

Normally thronging with tourists, a socially distanced Covent Garden plans to reopen next week (Mon 15th June).

London’s Alleys: Conduit Court, WC2

This is the most popular of all the alleys to be found in Covent Garden, thanks to recent addition – an “infinity chamber” of mirrors that lines half the passage.

300th anniversary of Covent Garden’s notorious brothel coffee house

Around three hundred years ago, give or take, a coffee house was rented in Covent Garden that was to become one of the most famous brothel houses in England.

London’s Alleys: Tower Court, WC2

This is a quiet little space just a heartbeat from the bustling Covent Garden.

London’s Alleys: Nottingham Court, WC2

This semi-convenient bypass for tourist central is rather modest for something named after the owner of Kensington Palace.

Sarastro’s floral facade

A restaurant in central London almost as famous for its toilets as it is for its lavish interior — but also has this overflowing greenery outside.

London’s Pocket Parks: Drury Lane Gardens, WC2

Like many pocket parks, this is the result of too many people dying too often — it’s a disused graveyard.

Inside Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, Maiden Lane

Just around the corner from Covent Garden is a Victorian brick building that conceals a wondrous Catholic Church interior.

Covent Garden to get a plant covered building

People leaving Covent Garden tube station could soon be staring at a wall covered in plants.

Covent Garden Covered in Mirrors

Covent Garden’s main Market Building has been covered up, with 32,000 square feet of mirrors.

Glowing Clouds of Balls to fill Covent Garden

Later this month, 100,000 giant white balloons will fill the interior of the 19th Century Market Building in Covent Garden.

Levitating building in Covent Garden

It’s been all over the news, but I finally took a look at Alex Chinneck’s levitating building in Covent Garden last week.

An ode to the London Underground

Today is National Poetry Day, and if you head through either Oval or Covent Garden tube stations today, you will be aurally entertained by more than the usual amount of prose laden station announcements.

Fire Brigade Dissect a White Whale in Covent Garden

It is almost impossible now to go to the West End in the evenings without seeing a white whale squeezing its way through the narrow streets.

St Michael’s Church by Covent Garden

Lurking in a little nook on one of the many streets around the back of Covent Garden you may spy what looks like a church trying to squeeze its way out between more modern buildings. Here you may notice if