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London’s Alleys: Ball Court, EC3

This is an exceptionally busy alley, thanks in part to being part of a cluster of narrow passages, but also because one of its occupants is the legendary Simpsons Tavern.

London’s Alleys: White Lion Court, EC3

This is another of those ancient alleys that seems to have existed since forever, and somehow is still here.

London’s Alleys: Cowper’s Court, EC3

This is one of those alleys that’s been around for centuries, yet managed to leave hardly a trace of its existence in history.

London’s Alleys: Newman’s Court, EC3

This narrow alley off Cornhill lined with a mix of old bricks opens to a court space, and was once home to the offices of Dicken’s Ebenezer Scrooge

Walter Gilbert’s ornate mahogany doors at 32 Cornhill

There is a wooden door near Bank tube station that’s worth paying a visit to at weekends, for only then can it be truly admired.

London’s Alleys: St Peter’s Alley, EC3

This seemingly fairly modern looking alley is actually one of the oldest in London, and potentially dates from pre-Saxon London.

London’s Alleys: Bengal Court, EC3

One of the best hidden of the City’s alleys can be found through a small gap in a corner laying within a small maze of other alleys.

London’s Alleys: Castle Court, EC3

This is one of those seemingly ancient alleys that the City of London is so rich in, yet almost impossible to find anything about.

270 years ago today – the forgotten fire of London

It’s 1am on 25th March 1748 and a small fire has started in a wig maker in the City of London. By lunchtime nearly 100 homes and two entire blocks in the heart of the city would lay in ruins.

London’s Alleys – Pope’s Head Alley

This alley has the distinction of being involved indirectly in King Henry’s break from Rome and appeared in Pepy’s Diary.