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Cooling the tube – Engineering heat out of the Underground

On a summer's day a trip in a hot tube train is a dreadful experience, but how did we end up with such hot tube trains, and what's being done about it?

Huge water cooled ventilation fan installed in the Victoria Line

A new water cooled ventilation fan roughly twice the height of a double-decker bus has been installed on the Victoria line to help cool one of the warmest stations on the Underground.

Green Park tube station to get groundwater cooling system

I thought work on this had been paused as part of the Great Olympic Engineering Shutdown, but a note from TfL earlier today says that a rather interesting air cooling system will be introduced at Green Park station this summer.

Cooling the London Underground

In March 2008, I attended a really quite interesting talk on the technological challenges in cooling the London Underground network, and it has been a topic which – probably understandably – has interested me ever since. A couple of months

Cooling the London Underground

A cold and windy evening found me wandering over to the Building Centre for a lecture, ironically enough considering the weather – on how to cool the London Underground. The lecture was being organized by The Engineering Club, as part