City Of London - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Cobb’s Court, EC4

This narrow right angled alley runs behind blocks of offices and shops, today offering a convenient place for fire exits and windows.

Tickets Alert: Tours of Goldsmiths Hall

One of the grandest of the City’s livery halls, the Goldsmiths is open a few days a year for public tours and the dates for… next year have been announced.

London’s Alleys: Johnson’s Court, EC4

Long before Dr Johnson arrived, there was a Johnson’s Court – a long alley that sliced between long deep buildings fronting onto Fleet Street.

London’s Alleys: Cowper’s Court, EC3

This is one of those alleys that’s been around for centuries, yet managed to leave hardly a trace of its existence in history.

The 60th annual Miglia Quadrato returns in May

For 60 years, one night in May has seen a group of people racing in cars around the City of London trying to solve a treasure hunt.

London’s Alleys: Cliffords Inn Passage, EC4

This is one of the oldest surviving alleys in London, emerging around Tudor times when the area along Chancery Lane was first starting to be developed from fields.

Appeal logged to build the Tulip skyscraper

The controversial plans for a tulip shaped viewing tower are back, with an appeal logged against the decision to block its construction.

City of London updates plans to move its markets to Dagenham

A new public consultation is opening on the City of London’s plans to co-locate Billingsgate, New Spitalfields and Smithfield markets at a new site in Dagenham Dock.

The 2020 calendar of the City of London ceremonies

The City of London, being very ancient has many traditions and ceremonies, and as many of us still like dressing up in livery finery, many of them still happen today.

London’s Alleys: Crown Court, EC2

This dead-end of a rather posh looking alley is claimed to have royal connections in medieval times.

London’s Alleys: Moorgate Place, EC2

A short alley with a narrow covered passage that then curves around to a grand street with impressive buildings.

London’s Alleys: Tokenhouse Yard, EC2

This alley is both long and grand, but also has an utterly delightful narrow tunnel at one end.