Christmas - Latest news and reviews

List of London councils that collect your Christmas trees

Each year the streets are littered with dead and dying Christmas trees dumped by uncaring families who can't be bothered to dispose of them properly.

London Museums open over Christmas

With many people taking an extended break over Christmas, it helps to know which museums are going to be open so that you can have some ideas of where to visit.

A chance to design the Oxford Street Christmas Lights

We've barely taken down the lights, and plans for Christmas are already under way - with an open competition to design Oxford Street's 2018 lights.

Does this 17th-century map show an early image of Father Christmas?

A rare map of the Arctic Ocean held at The National Archives may contain some of the earliest colour images ever produced of Father Christmas.

The time your Mince Pies contained mutton, veal and pepper

A 17th century recipe for Mince Pies that's recently been found in The National Archives calls for a loin of fat mutton to be minced with a leg of veal.

Cats playing in front of Christmas trees

People love photos of cats playing in front of Christmas trees, so here's my own take on that popular genre.

The festive season comes to docklands Sailor Town

There's a corner of docklands that is forever nightime, where boats are mended, a pub serves no one, and shops sell nothing - and now it's festive time.

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

400 years of Christmas traditions on display

The Geffrye Museum has, as is now traditional for them, decorated its collection of historic rooms as if they are set for Christmas.

Attend the Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with an uplifting rendition of Handel's Messiah in St Paul's Cathedral.