Christmas Day - Latest news, articles and photos

Christmas Day - Latest news, articles and photos

What to do in London on Christmas Day

Most of London shuts down on Christmas Day, but a few hardly venues will open for the visitors stuck in the centre of town and with nothing else to do.

Christmas Telly Past — a review over the years

I seem to recall a time when xmas day telly was dominated by a major movie in the afternoon, then it was killed off by Noel Edmunds schmaltzy do-gooding shows, but what was xmas day TV really like?

There will be a heritage bus service in London on Christmas Day

On the day when tubes, trains, buses and even cable cars go to sleep, there will one bus company offering a very special Christmas Day service.

When the trains ran on Christmas Day

When the railways were younger, the motor car didn’t exist, and the Christmas holidays were just one day, trains were commonplace on Christmas Day itself.

Photos of empty London on Christmas Morning

Taking photos of a deserted city is almost a tradition for me, and one I had almost not intended to partake in this year, but the temptation proved too alluring.

Christmas Lunch for One?

Christmas Lunch, that time of the year where huge families come together in mutual joy or loathing and eat, what is to be honest about it, a slightly larger version of a Sunday Lunch. Christmas Lunch also cause anyone who

Even More Photos of a Deserted London

Two years ago I cycled around London on Christmas morning taking photos of a city that was, thanks to the lack of public transport and everything being closed – was itself totally deserted of people. I was somewhat surprised at

Beware unexpected visitors on Christmas Day

The turkey is cooking, the smell drifts around the single room you call a home for your entire family. Small sprigs of holly and ivy, rosemary and bays decorate the room. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Afraid,

There is a museum open on Christmas Day

Nope, not a mistake in their calendar where the generic “open on Saturday” is accidentally left in place, but a proper, special opening for Christmas Day. Considering the strong association with the traditional White Christmas and the novel, A Christmas


Earlier today, a quite remarkable milestone was passed as the 100,000th person looked at my Flickr collection of photos of an “Abandoned London” taken on Christmas morning – which is quite staggering. When I got up on Christmas morning, I

Abandoned London

A couple of years ago I had the idea that it might be fun to take photos of London without humans – yes, I was motivated by that scene in Westminster from 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, not being a film