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Ticket Alerts: Chelsea Pensioner tours

Although tours of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are possible, they’re usually limited to large groups, but for the first time, they’re now starting tours for individuals to book.

London Public Art: Sir Thomas More

This bronze statue is by Leslie Cubitt Bevis (1892-1984) and was cast at the Morris Singer foundry. It’s also quite unusual for modern times, as the face and hands have been gilded.

London’s Pocket Parks: Cremorne Gardens, SW10

This otherwise fairly ordinary local park is a lingering relic of a grand Victorian pleasure garden that stretched all the way from the river to King’s Road.

Holy Trinity Church Sloane Street

Just off Sloane Square is a church that amongst many notable things, also also famously wider that St Paul’s Cathedral.

London’s Pocket Parks: Ropers Gardens, SW3

This sunken 1960s style garden exists thanks in part to the diligence of German bombers, but also a Tudor wedding.

Visit Chelsea’s Caryle’s House

In a side street in posh Chelsea can be found a nice but otherwise ordinary house, but to step inside is to step into a Victorian time capsule.

Chelsea’s Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer and St Thomas More

On a very small side street near Kings Road is a modern yet older looking Catholic Church with a very long name.

London Public Art: Evidence of the Unseen Mountain

This is a piece of art hidden away on a quiet residential street in Chelsea that you are not going to stumble upon, unless your the sort of person who goes wandering around quiet residential streets looking for things to stumble upon.

Crossrail 2 could lose both its Chelsea and Hackney Stations

TfL has launched a second consultation about the planned route for Crossrail 2 which could see the two locations most closely associated with it losing their stations.

English Tea and a Farmers Market

This morning I wandered over to Chelsea Town Hall as they have a vintage fashion fair there every few months, but more interestingly – also have a tea room which serves proper English tea and scones (or sandwiches), and a