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London’s Pocket Parks: St Vedast Alias Foster, EC2

Hidden behind a blue door lies one of London's most charming little pocket parks.

London Public Art: Statue of Captain John Smith

There's a statue of a man in the City of London who is famous in the USA, and little remembered in the UK, but his statue is here, in London.

City office block swapping cars for bicycle racks

A sign of the times, as a large office in the City of London wants to get rid of most of its car parking space, and replace it with bicycle racks and cycling facilities.

London’s Pocket Parks – St Peter Cheap, EC2

This is a rather desultory park, with a strong unpleasant odor on my visit, but it is notable for the absolutely gigantic tree that dominates the area.

London’s Alleys – Honey Lane, EC2

The Cheapside area of London is replete with names of former trades, and Honey Lane shouldn't need any explanation, yet it does.

The day Londoners rioted against foreigners

Exactly 500 years ago today -- on the 1st May 1517, a mass riot took place protesting against foreign people living in London.

Cheap tickets to see the Cheapside Hoard

A date for your diaries, albeit likely to be a very busy day as the Museum of London is having one of its occasional "pay what you can" days for its major exhibitions.

The mysterious Cheapside Hoard goes on display at last

A historical mystery has gone on display at the Museum of London as the greatest collection of Elizabethan and and Stuart period jewellery has been laid out for the first time in a hundred years.

Hidden for 100 years – the Cheapside Hoard goes on display again

A hundred years ago, an unseemly spat broke out between a number of London's museums, as the fate of one of the most significant finds of 16th and 17th century jewellery was argued over.

A London history festival that’s worth looking forward to

The City of London has outlined the details for a weekend of heritage based events around the Square Mile that is looking like a rather good mini Open House Weekend. Technically, it’s a four day event — running from the

A flaccid grey blancmange arrives on London’s Cheapside

The upper end of London’s Cheapside used to contain a rather generic looking 1960s office block of no outstanding architectural detail, but equally not excessively offensive to the eye. This was slowly demolished a few years ago, leaving open a