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London’s last Tudor Great Chamber to be restored

Hidden behind high walls near the Barbican can be found the last surviving Tudor Great Chamber in London, within the Charterhouse estate.

Museum Meals: The Charterhouse

Sitting outside, but next to the museum, the newish museum inside the ancient Charterhouse on the edge of the city has turned a Georgian home into its new cafe.

Crossrail discovers a lost river and the Grains of Paradise

A lost river, only recently rediscovered has revealed some fascinating insights into daily life in Tudor London, including the exotic Grains of Paradise.

London’s newest museum remembers plague, persecution and philanthropy

One of London’s oldest buildings has gained its youngest museum, based in a building that owes its existence to the Black Death.

A new museum for London opens this month

Under planning for some years, a new museum is opening near to the Barbican later this month.

New museum opening in central London

Hidden from common sight behind high stone walls on the edge of the City of London lies the Charterhouse, a private historical site which has rarely been open to the public.

Crossrail skeletons confirmed to have died of the Black Death

The discovery by Crossrail workers of skeletons near to the Barbican last year have been confirmed as being victims of the Black Death.

Rare public exhibition inside a 400-year old monastery

An exhibition has opened that can be looked as either an exhibition worth visiting to learn something, or a chance to go inside a building that has rarely been seen by the general public. Or maybe both?

A look around an Elizabethan Monastery Hidden in Smithfield

Just on the edge of the City of London sits a little known collection of Elizabethan era buildings. Largely hidden from view by a high wall, and that there is no main road passing its gate house, Charterhouse Square has sat on this location since the era of the Black Death.