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Book Review: Dickens on Railways

In the mid-nineteenth century, the great age of railway building, Charles Dickens could not but be aware of their transformative impact on society. So he wrote about it often.

Childhood in Dickensian London at the Senate House Library

With this year marking the 150th anniversary of Charles Dicken’s death, an exhibition is looking at the sort of childhood the average person could have expected when he was a child.

London’s Alleys: Newman’s Court, EC3

This narrow alley off Cornhill lined with a mix of old bricks opens to a court space, and was once home to the offices of Dicken’s Ebenezer Scrooge

London’s Alleys: Castle Court, EC3

This is one of those seemingly ancient alleys that the City of London is so rich in, yet almost impossible to find anything about.

The Ladybird Life of Charles Dickens: an illustrated adventure

Charles Dickens was a famous author who lived in a house in London for a while. The house is now a museum. Have you been?

The Ladybird Book’s illustrated life of Charles Dickens

A collection of original illustrations by Thomas the Tank Engine artist, John Kenney, have gone on display at the Charles Dickens museum, to celebrate the life of the novelist.

Illumini are seeking Victorian Speakers and Relics

The arts organisation that is behind some of the more interesting events that have taken place of the past few years, Illumini will be back in September, with a range of — obviously — Dickens themed Victorian events. Being Illumini,

A Dickens exhibition at the Museum of London

Later this week, the first major Dickens themed exhibition in London since the 1970s opens its doors to the paying public, and starts a year of Dickens this, Dickens that and more Dickens over here as everyone tries to jump

200th anniversary of the New Marshalsea Prison in Southwark

At some point in 1811 — the specific date has been frustratingly difficult to pin down — a new prison was opened in Southwark that despite its short life was to become notorious in literary history as the inspiration for

Visiting the Charles Dickens Museum on Christmas Day

As I noticed the other day, the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury was having a special opening on Christmas Day, and as I was in central London taking photos, I decided to take a detour to visit the place. The

There is a museum open on Christmas Day

Nope, not a mistake in their calendar where the generic “open on Saturday” is accidentally left in place, but a proper, special opening for Christmas Day. Considering the strong association with the traditional White Christmas and the novel, A Christmas

My Top Picks from the Bloomsbury Festival 2010

Later next month is the annual Bloomsbury Festival, where they lay on a really quite considerable number of events packed into a single weekend, many of which look very appealing. Sadly, the website that accompanies the event, while looking as

Charles Dickens’s England – A Documentary

Wandered over to the Genesis Cinema in Mile End last night to see a showing of a lengthy documentary about Charles Dickens – specifically the places he lived in and how they influenced his writings. Narrated by Derek Jacobi, the