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Charing Cross tube station’s ticket hall to close next month

Part of Charing Cross tube station is to close from next month for nearly a year as TfL revamps the rather tired 1970s decor of the ticket hall.

Ticket Alert: Free visits to a disused tube station

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there is to be a one-night art event in Central London, and tickets are now about to go on sale.

Disused tube station to open as art venue

A date for your diaries as new contemporary art event will take place on one night only in central London, which will see, amongst others, a disused tube station turned into an art venue.

Unbuilt London: The embankment railway

Imagine a railway, working without steam, running on tall columns along the banks of the Thames -- for that was a scheme created to link Blackfriars with Charing Cross in the 1840s.

Abandoned tube station tours announced

Tickets to tour three disused disused tube stations go on sale on Wednesday morning.

Unbuilt London: How Charing Cross nearly became a giant helipad

Imagine if you will, a giant flat surface larger than Trafalgar Square overhanging the River Thames -- this was the proposed central London Helidrome.

Watch films inside Charing Cross tube station

You wait ages for a disused tube station story, and two come along at once. Such as this opportunity to watch some classic movies inside a disused tube station.

Tours of disused tube stations and tunnels announced

Later this year there will be two opportunities to visit either, or both, of an underground WW2 shelter, or a disused tube station.

Unbuilt London: The almost story of a loop railway under Southwark

Imagine a tube tunnel running under Southwark and the City, but carrying full size mainline trains -- and you would be imagining something that was actually proposed.

How Charing Cross railway station was nearly demolished

Earlier this year I noted the 150th anniversary of the opening of London's Charing Cross railway station, but it came very close to being a eulogy for a long since closed station.

150th anniversary party at Charing Cross this Saturday

It seems that Charing Cross railway station is having a bit of a birthday party this Saturday (12th April) to mark 150 years of operations.

Tube map covers on display

Every so often London Underground issues a new tube map, and apart from the usual pouring over the changes on the map, there is often quite a bit of fuss about the design of the front cover of the pocket leaflets handed out in stations.

Chance to see inside the Lost Church under Charing Cross Station

There sits underneath the forecourt of Charing Cross railway station a hidden marvel, the remains of a Hawksmoor designed church that is today sealed off and hidden -- except for one prominent and often misattributed visible sign of its existence.

As if a million tube geeks cried out in horror….

Our colonial cousins have been on our side of the pond filming a series of new programmes for the apparently very popular television series, 24.

Where is the first railway bridge out of London?

A number of railway lines feed into, or out of London, depending on your perspective, and many of them pass over roads, or above viaducts -- so which is the first railway bridge heading out of London?

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