Charing Cross - Latest news and reviews

Hotel plans for Strand office block by Charing Cross station

A fairly unremarkable 1980s office block that most people don't even notice save the branch of Boots on the ground floor could be demolished and replaced with a hotel.

London’s Alleys: George Court WC2

A short alley near Charing Cross that is today probably more famous for its sole commercial occupant, the Retro Pub.

Go into the disused tunnels at Charing Cross tube station

In the 1970s, to help dig the new Jubilee line at Charing Cross, a series of long access tunnels had to also be dug -- and they're still down there, empty and abandoned.

The Great Storm tree at Charing Cross station

Outside Charing Cross station is a tree. An ordinary tree like all the others planted in the area. No one pays it any attention unless they walk into it. But this is a special tree.

London’s Alleys: York Place (formerly Of Alley), WC2

Welcome to York Place, for that's its modern name, yet it used to be curiously called Of Alley, and why is was so called is just as curious as the name itself.

Charing Cross Station could be extended across the Thames

A plan has emerged that could see Charing Cross station rebuilt in a style similar to Blackfriars, with platforms running across the Thames.

Charing Cross tube station’s ticket hall to close next month

Part of Charing Cross tube station is to close from next month for nearly a year as TfL revamps the rather tired 1970s decor of the ticket hall.

Ticket Alert: Free visits to a disused tube station

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there is to be a one-night art event in Central London, and tickets are now about to go on sale.

Disused tube station to open as art venue

A date for your diaries as new contemporary art event will take place on one night only in central London, which will see, amongst others, a disused tube station turned into an art venue.

Unbuilt London: The embankment railway

Imagine a railway, working without steam, running on tall columns along the banks of the Thames -- for that was a scheme created to link Blackfriars with Charing Cross in the 1840s.

Abandoned tube station tours announced

Tickets to tour three disused disused tube stations go on sale on Wednesday morning.

Unbuilt London: How Charing Cross nearly became a giant helipad

Imagine if you will, a giant flat surface larger than Trafalgar Square overhanging the River Thames -- this was the proposed central London Helidrome.

Watch films inside Charing Cross tube station

You wait ages for a disused tube station story, and two come along at once. Such as this opportunity to watch some classic movies inside a disused tube station.

Tours of disused tube stations and tunnels announced

Later this year there will be two opportunities to visit either, or both, of an underground WW2 shelter, or a disused tube station.

Unbuilt London: The almost story of a loop railway under Southwark

Imagine a tube tunnel running under Southwark and the City, but carrying full size mainline trains -- and you would be imagining something that was actually proposed.