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London’s Alleys: Rolls Passage, EC4

This alley off Chancery Lane is a mix of Victorian and 1990s offices, and a modern pub curving around a large office block.

London’s Alleys: Greystoke Place, EC4

This is a convenient passage that links Fetter Lane and Chancery Lane in the city, and is likely to date from the early urban development of the area.

London’s Alleys: Andrews Crosse, WC2

This rather unimpressive dead end alley is a legacy of ancient times, from when Andrewes Crosse Inn stood on the site, and this alley is likely to have been the courtyard that stood within the inn’s grounds.

London’s Alleys: Cliffords Inn Passage, EC4

This is one of the oldest surviving alleys in London, emerging around Tudor times when the area along Chancery Lane was first starting to be developed from fields.

Visit the subterranean London Silver Vaults

Deep under a central London office block can be found a warren of shops — all selling silverware in small rooms behind a bank vault of an entrance.

London’s Alleys: Quality Court, WC2

Quality Court off Chancery Lane is most appropriately named, being an upmarket concealed courtyard space.

A cast iron Victorian men’s urinal

On a small side street can be found one of London’s few remaining cast iron pissoirs — or mens urinals.

WW2 tunnels under London to be sold off

The infamous (amongst tunnel/military aficionados) tunnels under Chancery Lane are to be put up for sale at last. I have been aware that BT were working on decommissioning them for some time, and was trying to find out who was